Facial Rejuvenation

Our face is one of the most distinguishing features on our entire body. However, as we grow older, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging appear. Age, sun exposure, smoking, and other factors can all contribute to this appearance.

Facial Rejuvenation

While there are those who choose to accept ageing as a way of life, many people have been seeking treatments to find how they can recapture their youth. Cosmetic surgery procedures offer several techniques that can help restore a youthful appearance to faces. These are known as facial rejuvenation treatments.

Our most common treatment is the use of facial relaxant injections to flatten and out and smooth lines and wrinkles around the face. The injections contain a commonly used medical grade toxin as a cure for wrinkles.

There are two types of wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles, or muscle wrinkles, form where muscles move the face the most (around and between the eyes and around the mouth), and Static wrinkles are lines and crinkles that appear at the corners of the eyes and in other areas on the face. Dynamic wrinkles go deep. As they develop, they create grooves in the skin, which are apparent even when you are not moving your face. Static wrinkles are more superficial and are most noticeable when the face is moving, such as when you smile or frown. Because it affects the facial muscles, facial relaxant injections can help ease or prevent both types. As with all procedures at the practice we would always recommend a detailed and thorough consultation to assess your suitability and discuss the procedure in its entirety.

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