Full Mouth Implants

The all-on-4 technique has revolutionised the way we can now replace a full arch or a full mouth of missing teeth. It allows fixed teeth to be installed on the same day the dental implants are placed.

Full Mouth Implants

This can significantly reduce time in the dental chair and reduce pain, stress, and cost compared with traditional techniques.

“All of our Implant dentists have studied at the prestigious Malo Institute in Lisbon, Portugal, the home of the all-on-4 implant technique where a full arch of teeth can be fitted in just one day on 4 dental implants”

The procedure involves detailed planning, usually with a CT scan to assess the correct and best place to install 4 strategically placed dental implants. Smile design is used to decide on colour, shape, and position of the teeth. Our patients can now walk in with no or badly damaged teeth and have their implants and a temporary bridge fitted all on the same day in our Newcastle city centre practice. Usually this is replaced with a permanent bridge after a few months. Please call to arrange a consultation to see if this technique could be suitable for you.

Case Studies

Full Mouth Implants – Case Study 1


Full Mouth Implants – Case Study 2


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