The Cosmetic Dental Clinic is the ONLY Platinum Elite Invisalign Practice in the North of England- A testament to our continued commitment and knowledge in Invisalign.


Nothing is as important as a genuine and heartfelt smile. Whether in your professional life or when you are out socialising, an attractive smile can make you feel happier and more relaxed – as well as making the right impression.

“The Cosmetic Dental Clinic now has Four Highly Trained and Experienced INVISALIGN DOCTORS”

If you have ever thought how improving your smile could help you to feel more confident then maybe Invisalign may just be the treatment option for you.
With the Invisalign technique you can have the smile you have always wanted without traditional metal braces.

Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth without braces. The system consists of a series of clear removable aligners to straighten your teeth without the need for wires or braces. Invisalign has proved effective in research in orthodontic practices worldwide.

How does it work?

Here at The Cosmetic Dental Clinic, with Invisalign you plan your treatment with your Experienced Invisalign Doctor. Our treatment software allows each and every patient to see a virtual 3D computer designed images of the proposed treatment plan and discuss what is important to you from the start. These 3D computer images, known as THE CLINCHECK, are specific to each individual patient and give our patients an indication of how their final smile will appear and an indication of how long it will take to achieve it! A service unlike any other current form of Orthodontics!

Once our patient is happy with their Clincheck the appropriate number of Aligners are ordered. You wear each set of aligners for 2 weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, and brush. As you replace each aligner for the next in the series, your teeth will move slightly, week by week until they are straightened to the final prescribed position. The number of aligners worn is typically between 18 and 30. Treatment time averages 9 to 15 months.

Patient Video Testimonial: Invisalign

One of our delightful patients was so happy with his Invisalign treatment that he decided to make and share his video testimonial with us.

Daymon Britton is an actor and has starred in the likes of Hollyoaks and Emmerdale, to name but a few, and wanted to share his Invisalign experience at The Cosmetic Dental Clinic with fellow professionals and potential future patients.

Typical Appointments required for Invisalign

  • Invisalign Consultation/ Assessment
  • Impressions and radiographs (Xrays) taken
  • Clincheck Review
  • Invisalign Aligner fit

Providing Clients are dentally fit, appointment stages 1-4 can take as little as four weeks.

Case Studies

Invisalign – Case Study 1


Invisalign – Case Study 2


Invisalign – Case Study 3


Invisalign – Case Study 4


Invisalign – Case Study 5


Invisalign – Case Study 6


Invisalign – Case Study 7


Invisalign – Case Study 8


Invisalign – Case Study 9


Invisalign – Case Study 10


Invisalign – Case Study 11


Invisalign – Case Study 12


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