We are proud of the work we do and not only the quality of the finish but also the positive effect it has on our patients lives.


“After avoiding the dentist for nine years I’d become quite conscious of my teeth, especially as the top set were crooked. Following my consultation and a few fillings, Dr Cannell and I chose to have a set of 10 upper veneers made and fitted. Since the treatment was completed I am so relaxed about my smile that I actually rarely think about my teeth, which is odd as lots of people now comment on how healthy and neat they are.”
Tom – Newcastle

“My teeth were quite short and crooked after years of grinding them in my sleep and so I visited the clinic to find out what could be done. After a long consultation I opted for a set of ten upper veneers to be custom made and fitted and follwoing advice from Dr. Cannell I chose a natural shade of white for my new teeth as opposed to an unnatural ‘Hollywood’ white. The whole process was great and even the temporary veneers were fantastic. Having my smile makeover at The Cosmetic Dental Clinic has given me a huge confidence boost and I would recommend the treatment to anyone.”
Chris – Newcastle

“After months of researching the prospect of investing in cosmetic dentistry in order to boost my self esteem…..I put my faith in “The Cosmetic Dental Clinic” and it was a decision I have not regretted. Having been unhappy with my teeth for several years I was soon convinced by Darren and the team that they could “re-invent my smile”…..and they did! From the initial consultation through to the aftercare advice, the service I received was faultless. Any questions I had about the procedure were promptly met by Darren along with the reassurance and comfort knowing that the work carried out on my teeth was of a highly professional and thorough standard. Thankyou so much to Darren and the Team, you have done a fantastic job!”
Darren – Consett

“I had been conscious of my smile for some time as my teeth were becoming shorter and misshapen as a result of grinding them. Cosmetic procedures and treatments fascinate me and I was intrigued to discover how my smile could be enhanced. Following my consultation with Dr. Stafford I was told that ten upper veneers would give me a great result and three months later my new smile was complete. I am over the moon with the results and can’t believe what a difference my new smile has made to my confidence. The Cosmetic Dental Clinic is such a unique practice and I would recommend a smile makeover to anyone.”
Derek, Gateshead

I didn’t ever really smile with my mouth open but since the transformation I’m always smiling. I love how natural my teeth look and the fact that my top lip has been enhanced as a result of my new veneers is just brilliant. As a singer and performer it’s really important for me to look polished and feel confident, and with my new smile I feel amazing. I thank Darren so much for my new smile!
Emily, Gateshead

“I had always been conscious of my smile and had been wanting cosmetic surgery for some time. After careful research, I opted for The Cosmetic Dental Clinic and have been absolutely delighted with the results. The procedure was excellent as was the timescale. I now feel more confident and smile much more and have received lots of compliments on how lovely my teeth look. Thank you Andy for giving me a huge confidence boost.”
Linda, Gateshead

“I have always had problems with my teeth and had begun to feel more self conscious every time I smiled as they had become stained as a result of ageing. I discussed veneers with Dr. Cannell and he reassured me that they would give me the smile I wanted. Since having my upper veneers fitted I am literally always smiling and now have a much fuller top lip as a result which has been an added bonus. I believe my new smile is money well spent and I’m now looking into having a set of lower veneers made and fitted!”
Veronica, Jesmond

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