Single Tooth Implants

Restoring a missing tooth with an implant is usually the treatment of choice compared with bridges and dentures.

Single Tooth Implants

If sufficient bone is available replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant has several advantages:

  • Teeth either side do not need to be drilled or undergo extra pressure
  • The surrounding bone is supported and prevented from further resorbtion
  • Implants are usually a longer lasting option
  • Implants usually are stronger and support the bite forces better
  • The don’t move around and interfere with speech like dentures

Our dentists can in around 50% of cases provide an immediate tooth replacement solution on the day the implant is fitted. This limits the inconvenience of tempory dentures and un-sightly visible spaces.

Case Studies

Single Tooth Implants – Case Study 1


Single Tooth Implants – Case Study 2


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