CEREC Dentistry

The Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Newcastle brings to you the revolutionary CEREC system. The worlds most advanced dental system is now available for our patients. Forget unsightly metal fillings, forget metallic crowns, forget second appointments, CEREC and our dentists can deliver all of this in just one appointment.

  • CEREC Inlay From £789
  • CEREC Crown From £745
  • From 2 Hours
Key benefits
  • Custom made while you wait
  • One Day Treatment
  • Affordable

The Cosmetic Dental Clinic currently has three trained dentists proficient in the use of CEREC Technology, who regularly incorporate this solution within both their general and cosmetic dentistry.

“CEREC is our method of choice for amalgam filling replacement and restoring badly damaged back teeth. The system gives us a new dimension in speed and accuracy and the final results look stunning. We mainly recommend the system as we believe it is the strongest long-term solution in many cases”
Dr Andy Stafford, The Cosmetic Dental Clinic


  • The tooth is prepared and all old filling material removed
  • A very quick scan or picture of the tooth is taken and the image “acquired” to the computer system.
  • The CAD/CAM software is used to design the perfect size and shape of ceramic needed to fully restore the tooth shape size and form.
  • The correct size and colour of ceramic block is inserted into the milling unit and milled to size and shape usually in less than 10 minutes.
  • The restoration is now glazed and permanently cemented in or over the tooth and is ready to function as normal.

Onsite Ceramic Studio

We are proud to introduce our onsite ceramic CEREC 3D studio. With this technology, we can offer same day porcelain crown and veneer restorations without the need for impressions or second appointments. This is the first time this revolutionary new technology is available in Newcastle.

CEREC is a firmly established treatment procedure with a 25-year track record and an impressive success rate. After five years 95–97% of CEREC crowns are still intact. Inlays and Onlays achieve a survival rate of 90–95% after ten years. This is the gold standard.

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