Composite Veneers

The Cosmetic Dental Clinic is the Northeast’s leading clinic for stunning composite veneers.

Our dentists to work closely with master technicians and craftsmen to produce restorations with stunning accuracy.

  • From £595
  • From two visits in two weeks
Key benefits
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Straighter teeth without braces
  • Custom made to hide breaks, blemishes & more

Superstar Smiles

You’ve probably seen veneers before – they are the secret behind many Hollywood and celebrity smiles.

We use them to cover damage like breakages, chips and cracks, and they’re also useful for closing minor gaps and hiding discolouration.

The veneer itself is an extremely thin but durable cover bonded to the teeth, a little like a false fingernail. When applied by the experienced team here at The Cosmetic Dental Clinic, composite veneers are the ultimate in minimally-invasive aesthetic smile treatments.

And with a full suite of the latest digital dentistry and smile design equipment at our fingertips, we can plan your future smile right down to the last detail.

Composite Veneers by The Cosmetic Dental Clinic 

With proper care, composite veneers can generally be expected to last 5-10 years or longer before needing restoration or replacement.

Patients love the natural look and feel of our veneers. They’re a budget-friendly option that’s hard to beat when it comes to fast and cost-effective smile restoration.

In some cases, we can use composite veneers as an alternative to lengthy orthodontic treatment. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more!

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