Dental Veneers

For patients who do not want to complete lengthy orthodontic treatment veneers can offer the perfect solution – perfect straight teeth in just two visits.

Veneers are wafer thin shells of tooth coloured ceramic that are permanently bonded to the front surface of teeth to improve their cosmetic appearance.

  • Exclusive Veneer (Per tooth) – From £769
  • Direct Composite Veneer (Per tooth) – From £349
  • From Two visits in two weeks
Key benefits
  • A less invasive treatment
  • Straighter teeth without braces
  • Custom made for each patient

Veneers are typically used to cover stained, misaligned or chipped and broken teeth. They are the treatment of choice used to create the “celebrity smile”

At the Cosmetic Dental Clinic we feel that planning is the key to success with Dental Veneers. We ensure size, shape, colour, etc. are all discussed and visualised with our smile design before commencement of treatment. We like to hear your ideas about your smile and show you smiles we have created at the very start. If a very straight white smile is what is desired we ensure this is exactly what is achieved. If a more rounded natural appearance is wanted, again the planning stages are key in ensuring this is exactly what is achieved. Our dentists use a variety of UK multi-award winning and worldwide dental laboratories to ensure only the best materials are considered for our patients.

No-Preparation Veneers or Minimal Prep Veneers

Usually a degree of tooth reduction is required to give the correct tooth position with veneers. However we look to keep this to an absolute minimum at all times. For certain cases it is possible to provide no preparation veneers where the veneers are bonded directly over the existing teeth, or minimum preparation veneers where only very small adjustments are made. Our dentists will happily discuss if this method is suitable to you.

We have transformed many many smiles with Dental veneers please click on the photos below or the testimonials link to see exampleas of our work.

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