Endodontic treatment can have success rate of up to 90% in general if carried out to a good standard allowing the tooth to function and appear as normal. Problems can occur if the tooth develops decay or the restoration on the tooth fails, or on occasions despite good care the tooth may not heal as expected. Usually it is advised to provide a strong restoration such as a crown or CEREC that covers the biting portion of the tooth. Our dentists will always aim to discuss the most appropriate treatment following a root filling to give the tooth the best possible chance of long-term survival.

  • Root Canal Filling From £565*
  • *Additional Charges Apply
  • 2 Visits
  • At least 1 Visit
  • At Most 2 Visits
Key benefits
  • No gaps in your teeth
  • Save broken or infected teeth
  • Preserves teeth for longer

The overall aim of dentistry at our practice is to maintain a healthy and natural mouth and dentition. The aim of endodontic treatment is to preserve functional teeth without prejudice to the health of the patient.

We are proud to be able to offer root canal treatment with Dr Andrew Gemmell who is a certified member of the European Society of Endodontists. His expertise is sought after by many dental clinics through the North East who refer their patients to be treated by Dr Gemmell.

Usually, endodontics is thought to be limited to ‘root filling painful teeth’, however, the scope of this special area of dental practice includes the following:

  • The treatment of oral or facial pain which originates from the pulpal (or nerve tissue) of a tooth.
  • prevention of pulpal disease and vital pulp therapy;
  • Root canal treatment;
  • Treatment of post-endodontic disease;
  • Surgical endodontics;
  • Bleaching of endodontically treated teeth;
  • Treatment procedures related to coronal restorations using a core and/or a post involving the root canal space;
  • Endodontically related measures in connection with crown-lengthening and forced eruption procedures;
  • Treatment of traumatized teeth.


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