General Dentistry & Examinations

At The Cosmetic Dental Clinic your General Dental Health is at the heart of what we do.

A consultation costs only £69 and lasts approximately one hour. After the consultation, your dentist will prepare a written treatment plan with a breakdown of associated costs for you. We will also be able to tell you how many appointments you will need.

We offer a thorough dental check up and examination where we check for oral cancer

  • Routine Exam £69
Key benefits

Preventative Examinations

Our philosophy is to provide comprehensive dental care. This involves identifying issues which although may not be causing a problem today, may well be of concern in the foreseeable future. This, therefore, reduces the chances of pain and dental emergencies and hopefully trouble free dental care. We are always open to discussions on possible dental issues in the future and to listen to our patients’ concerns.

A range of payment plans are available for examinations and all associated essential maintenance to suit every patient’s needs. Please feel free to discuss this with any member of the team at The Cosmetic Dental Clinic.

We recommend our patients have yearly or twice yearly examinations to keep teeth, gums, and mouth as healthy as possible. We will use this opportunity to carry out a careful assessment of oral health and spend the time required to advise you on any hints and tips to maintain oral health.

Oral Cancer Screening

Due to the prevalence of this form of cancer, it is important that all people are routinely checked/ screened. Early detection/diagnosis can significantly improve the chances of treatment and recovery.

Our trained dentists here at the Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Newcastle routinely screen all patients, for oral cancer, during each and every examination. For any concerned client, our Dentists will be able to investigate any problematic or worrying areas associated with the oral cavity and also discuss the risk factors linked with oral cancer. Very often reassurance is all that is required but if necessary, rapid hospital referrals can be made via our surgery. Early Detection is Key!

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