Multiple Tooth Implants

When several teeth are missing it can become difficult to chew properly. Replacing these teeth with dental implants can give the confidence to choose any food without worry of a moving denture or un-comfortable sensations.

  • From £4000
  • From £334 over 12 months
  • From £67 over 60 months
  • Average from 4.5 Months
  • At least 3 months
  • At most 6 months
Key benefits
  • Fixed & Secure Replacement Teeth
  • Keep Your Mouth’s Natural Shape
  • Freedom to Eat Anything

“Restoring the loss of several missing teeth with dental implants not only satisfies the aesthetic demands, it can protect the remaining teeth from excessive force and further damage”

Quite often if the several teeth are missing in the same area a bridge can be firmly attached to the underlying implants as seen in the illustration above. Please contact the practice if you think implants could help you.

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