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Tooth whitening if done by a dental professional is regarded as a relatively safe and effective method of improving the aesthetics of an otherwise healthy smile. At the Cosmetic Dental Clinic we have tried tested and evaluated many systems on the market. Our Clinicians have carried out hundreds of tooth whitenings and have the expertise to deliver consistent results for our patients. We offer 3 different options tailored specifically for each individual. These include:

ZOOM 2 Advanced Power

A professionally delivered in-surgery procedure with added wow factor. Ideal for the patient who would prefer there whitening done in the shortest possible time and in the hands of our whitening experts. On average teeth will whiten 8 shades in just 1 hour. Today's patients have busy lives and expect instant results. Zoom! Advanced Power delivers. We believe the process is the quickest most effective system available today.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten is the biggest breakthrough in Tooth Whitening in the last 15 years and is the only teeth whitening system that guarantees to whiten teeth to a “VITA shade B1” which is the whitest shade on our shade guide. The teeth look really naturally white after the treatment. 

The breakthrough is that the guarantee applies to every single patient regardless of starting colour, age, lifestyle or dietary habits.

The procedure is simple and takes 2 weeks for 95% of our patients. We take a special accurate impression of your teeth and send this to Enlighten’s dedicated lab where new “super sealed” bleaching trays are made.

You will wear the trays for 14 nights and then visit us on the 15th day for a 40 minute in surgery power whitening session.

Amazingly the concentration of the gel used in the Enlighten system is a quarter the concentration of most other whitening systems. This is possible due to the increase in permeability achieved by using the super sealed trays. Many patients do not experience the sensitivity of shooting pains as seen with other whitening systems.

Customized Home Whitening Kit

Laboratory custom trays are fabricated to exactly and comfortably fit over your teeth. A gel is used in these trays which whitens the teeth overnight or for a few hours everyday. Typically the trays need to be worn for 7-10 nights. The kits come in a variety of strengths customized for you. Even a turbo kit is available clinically proven to whiten an average of 6 shades in only 3 nights. This method is ideal for the patient who wants total control of their whitening and the ability to 'top up' in the future.

The Cosmetic Dental Clinic Total Whitening Procedure

For the patient who wants the whitest possible smile. Our extensive tooth whitening experience allows us to select a combination of in-surgery and take home kits specific to you. This customized approach ensures the quickest and easiest way to get your teeth as white as possible, and also ensures long lasting results from your whitening.

If you would like to discuss tooth whitening with our team please don't hesitate to contact us on 0191 260 3688 or fill in the contact form on the right hand side. We require a full consultation with our Dentists to assess suitability and to discuss the correct option for you.

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