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Root Canal

Root Canal

Advanced Tooth-Saving Endodontic Treatments

The onset of mild sensitivity could indicate weak enamel. Left untreated, sensitivity can quickly turn into toothache—a clear warning sign that something isn’t right.

Sensitivity and aches are often a sign that bacteria have penetrated and decayed the tooth’s enamel surface. Left untreated, the pain can quickly become unbearable.

However inconvenient they may be, you should never ignore the signs of an infection. If you’re experiencing severe dental discomfort, you may have an infected root canal.

A root canal treatment is a procedure that removes infection and saves the tooth. At The CDC, our experienced endodontist has a reputation for delivering a high standard of care in every root canal treatment.


Dental Infection Symptoms

Inside your teeth is a chamber filled with connective tissue, nerve endings, and living cells. Known as “dental pulp”, this matter extends down into the root canals, the furthest tips of your teeth that extend into the jaw.

When bacteria enter your tooth through a chip, crack, or an untreated cavity, you may experience several uncomfortable symptoms, including:

  • Pain or discomfort while biting or chewing
  • Sensitivity when consuming hot or cold food and beverages
  • Swelling of the gums
  • Facial swelling
  • Noticeably dark areas on the tooth
  • Pus around the tooth and gums

Don’t dismiss these symptoms. If you’re experiencing these signs, you may need a root canal treatment. It’s essential to seek help promptly. Ignoring the problem could mean the infection kills the affected tooth before moving elsewhere in the mouth and body.

Root Canal Treatment – What to Expect

Root canal treatments are routine procedures to remove infection and preserve
the tooth. Here’s what you can expect from the process.



We’ll begin by taking X-rays of your tooth to assess the extent of the infection. This image will inform the treatment, and we’ll refer to it throughout the process.


We’ll administer an anaesthetic before the treatment to help manage comfort levels throughout your treatment. This will numb the tooth and surrounding area to ensure a painless experience.


During the procedure, we’ll remove all the infected matter and bacteria from the core of your tooth. Once we’ve cleared the infection, we’ll use a natural latex-like material called gutta-percha to fill the inner tooth cavity. We’ll close the tooth with a tooth-coloured filling.


After treatment, avoid chewing or drinking anything hot until your anaesthetic wears off. You may experience some sensitivity after the treatment, but the infection pain will have gone.


We may suggest placing a crown on your restored tooth. At the CDC, we can produce bespoke same-day CEREC crowns that look great and protect your tooth from future infection.

Talk of the Tyne

Don’t just take our word for it listen to what our patients have to say about The CDC service.


Andy says crooked teeth made him reluctant to smile. He says treatment with Invisalign® from The CDC was life-changing.

Not me!

A botched crown made Christine self-conscious, so she turned to the Cosmetic Dental Clinic to set it right. Watch to the end to find out about Christine’s only regret about choosing The CDC!

All in a
Day’s Work

Colin’s sore gums and toothache were no match for The CDC team. He says CDC’s Darren Cannell is a fantastic dentist—and the most ethical professional ever!


The Benefits of Treatment

You may feel nervous about receiving root canal treatment; however, the procedure has high success rates. With modern techniques, the process is easier and more comfortable than ever.

A root canal treatment stops bacteria from spreading. Left untreated, you may lose the tooth or develop an abscess; the infection could harm other teeth, gums, and jaw before progressing to your essential organs via your bloodstream.

Root canal treatments relieve dental discomfort. Using the latest patient-friendly techniques, we aim to preserve your tooth and free you from symptoms quickly.


We’re Five-Star Rated!

Read what patients say about five-star cosmetic and restorative dentistry from The CDC team.

Callum Hodgson

Amazing service by Nigel and his team at Durham clinic, i had Invisalign, whitening and bonding and the entire experience was great. Communication throughout and were always there to help. Great finance options available totally recommend, finished my treatment now and cant stop smiling!

Alison McDonald

I was made to feel at ease throughout each appointment and after such a long time feeling self conscious I am delighted with the results.

Xingzi Ren

Complete my Invisalign with Nigel and Lauren and very pleased with the results!!! My friends all think it does work well! It makes me smile more confident. I also had other treatments here and all of them are well done. Very happy to choose this professional clinic and meet these nice staff here.

Marilyn Thorp

I have travelled 150 miles round trip to go to the Cosmetic Dental Clinic for dental treatment since 2010. That should be enough of a recommendation!

Connor Miller 

Would 100% recommended this clinic. From start to finish the process was so smooth. No longer hating the dentist thanks to such a lovely team. Friendly, helpful and so knowledgeable and on the ball!! 😁

Lynsey Kiszel

I have recently had teeth whitening and composite bonding completed at The Cosmetic Dental Clinic. I felt the professionalism, friendliness and efficiency of all the staff at the clinic was very good. I couldn’t be happier with the results and for anyone wanting a similar treatment, I would highly recommend Matt and the team at the clinic.

Root Canal Treatments in Newcastle and Durham

A root canal treatment provides immediate relief from the symptoms of dental infection. We’ve built a reputation for delivering exceptional endodontic procedures, and the CDC takes root canal treatment referrals from practices across the Northeast. If you’re experiencing symptoms of infection, don’t delay seeking help.

Call today to schedule your root canal consultation.


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