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Say Hello to Your Bright, Fresh, Healthy Smile

Even with strict brushing and flossing, life can take its toll on your smile. While staining and discolouration may take away the sparkle, plaque on the hard-to-clean edges of your teeth could become tartar that you just can’t shift.

Tartar is a hard substance that erodes your teeth, causing sensitivity and cavities. Try as like to remove it, tartar is stubborn and needs cleaning professionally. This is where a regular visit to our hygienist can help. Not only this, but a hygiene visit will also freshen your breath, adding shine and that amazing fresh-from-the-dentist feeling to your smile.

The CDC’s friendly and experienced hygienist isn’t just here to give your teeth a deep clean. We can also support and advise you on all aspects of your oral care.


Spring Clean Your Smile

A professional clean from our dental hygienist will remove hardened tartar and thoroughly refresh every surface of your teeth.

Using an ultrasonic scale and polish, we can clean deeper than the best toothbrush, breaking down plaque and tartar, leaving you with a smooth radiant sparkle.

Additionally, a full scale and polish also help keep plaque at bay. Regular hygiene visits keep the surface of your teeth smooth, reducing future plaque buildup.


Enjoy Fresher Breath

There are several potential causes of bad breath. Poor dental hygiene, gum disease, dry mouth, acid reflux, diabetes, heartburn, medication side effects, heartburn, smoking, and diet all contribute to unsavoury odours. Sometimes it’s hard to identify the root cause.

The CDC’s hygienists work alongside our team of dentists to diagnose dental problems that could cause bad breath. With a full scale and polish, oral hygiene advice, and nutrition tips, you’ll appreciate the breath of fresh air we help you achieve.

Talk of the Tyne

Don’t just take our word for it listen to what our patients have to say about The CDC service.

All in a
Day’s Work

Colin’s sore gums and toothache were no match for The CDC team. He says CDC’s Darren Cannell is a fantastic dentist—and the most ethical professional ever!


The Cosmetic Dental Clinic’s no-pressure approach was a breath of fresh air for Ellie—And the results are simply stunning! No wonder we’re the Northeast’s number-one rated!


You can hear the emotion in David’s voice when he describes the feeling of losing his smile. So, what was the magic behind his stunning transformation? Another day—another success story for The CDC.


Advice and Support

Our hygienists are knowledgeable, experienced, and approachable. During your visit, they can advise you about oral hygiene products, brushing techniques, smile-friendly nutrition, quitting smoking, and general dental care.

In addition, we also provide fissure sealants and fluoride varnish. A fissure sealant is a smooth protective barrier that wards off plaque and prevents food debris from building up in the grooves of your teeth. Flouride varnishes are applied to strengthen teeth and prevent further decay.

We’re Five-Star Rated!

Read what patients say about five-star cosmetic and restorative dentistry from The CDC team.

Cheryl Miller

Recently completed my treatment of Invisalign and whitening and couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Nigel was fantastic throughout and always answered any questions/concerns really quickly. So happy with the whole process and glad I took the plunge!

Emma Williams

Absolutely amazing service from Emily at the Newcastle branch. Emily really went the extra mile for me and I’m so grateful. My whole experience with the Cosmetic Dentist has been outstanding from start to finish and I would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks again Emma 😊

Jane McKechnie 

I’m very happy with the dental treatment from dentist Gary. He explained all treatment options and involved me in decision making at every step. Thrilled with how my teeth look now, so glad I made the right decision. Would thoroughly recommend the Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Marilyn Thorp

I have travelled 150 miles round trip to go to the Cosmetic Dental Clinic for dental treatment since 2010. That should be enough of a recommendation!

Natalie S

I have recently finished my Invisalign and composite bonding with Mat and his assistant Tiff and I am over the moon with my results. They were both lovely from start to finish, helping me through the process. All of the staff there were friendly and approachable, including Jaqueline on reception who made me feel so welcome and comfortable whilst waiting for my appointments. Would highly recommend!

Angela Lusk 

I would highly recommend Nigel and the team at Durham. I had old veneers from 30 years ago and I always felt very conscious of my horrible teeth and didn’t like smiling. Now I have lovely new veneers and I love them. Thank you so much.

Dental Hygiene in
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