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There are several reasons teeth become misaligned. Genetics, trauma, infection, and prolonged thumb sucking are all common causes.

Whatever has led to your teeth becoming overcrowded, gappy, or crooked, the outcome is the same—a smile you feel self-conscious about and a lifetime of potential dental issues.

Invisalign® could change all this. This subtle and versatile treatment is one of the most popular ways to straighten teeth.

At The CDC, we’re Invisalign® Diamond Apex Providers. This makes us the number one practice in the Northeast and within the top 1% of dentists in Europe providing this treatment today!

Plus, we’re the region’s first clinic to host an Invisalign® zone where you can learn all about this revolutionary treatment and take a peak into the future at what Invisalign® could do for your smile.


Introducing Invisalign®

Invisalign® is a discreet and comfortable transparent aligner system that straightens teeth without impacting your life. Much like other orthodontic treatments, Invisalign® aligners exert a constant, gentle force across your teeth to straighten them slowly. The beauty of Invisalign® is that the aligners are translucent and removable. This means they’re barely visible— and you can take them out to eat!

Every Invisalign® treatment is bespoke. We’ll take digital scans of your smile, plan your treatment, and then have custom aligners produced just for you!

Your treatment will involve multiple stages. At every step, you’ll get a new aligner. Although each new aligner might look the same as the last, the slight differences make a big impact over time. Within a few months, you’ll start to see a smile you’ll love.


What Can
Invisalign® Treat?

Invisalign® is a versatile treatment for mild to moderate issues. It can:

  • Reduce overcrowding
  • Straighten crooked teeth
  • Close gaps in your smile
  • Fix bite issues like overbite, crossbite, underbite, open bite, and more

The Benefits of Invisalign®


Barely Visible

One of the things some patients find off-putting about orthodontic treatments is how obvious they are. Traditional braces are often metal and use brackets and wires attached to the front of the teeth, which makes some people feel self-conscious about smiling.

The clarity of Invisalign® means that your aligners will often go unnoticed by others, so you can feel good about smiling throughout your entire treatment.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Invisalign® is made from a patented medical-grade plastic called SmartTrack. After wearing the smooth, lightweight aligners for a while, you may even forget it’s in. Invisalign® aligners are so comfortable you can even sleep wearing them.

Pure Convenience

Mealtimes are not a problem with Invisalign®. You won’t need to worry about eating the right thing, and food won’t get trapped in your aligner. In addition, your Invisalign® aligner is removable, so you can take it out when you eat. This also makes brushing your teeth and keeping your aligner clean easier.

A Smile You Can
Feel Good About

If you’ve spent a long time feeling negative about your smile, your confidence levels will quickly rise when you see the changes Invisalign® brings. For many, this self-esteem boost is a game-changer!

Improved Oral Health

Crooked, crowded, and gappy teeth are often difficult to clean, making them prone to tooth decay. In addition, the position of your teeth can affect your jaw and cause problems while chewing. This could lead to pain that spreads from the jaw to the face, head, and neck. Straightening your teeth improves the outlook for your oral health.

No Adjustments Needed

Unlike fixed braces, we don’t need to adjust your appliance. This reduces the frequency and length of dental appointments needed.

Predictable Results

Before starting a treatment that takes months or more, it’s sometimes hard to envisage the outcome. That’s not the case with Invisalign®. During your initial assessment, we’ll take digital scans of your teeth and use powerful planning software to plot the entire course of your treatment.

The software will create the step-by-step alignment process and generate an accurate image of how your smile will look after you have completed your treatment.

It’s Never Too Late

Misaligned teeth are often a problem for people of all ages. Due to its discretion and convenience, Invisalign® is just as popular with adults as it is with teenagers. It’s so subtle, someone you know could be having treatment, and you wouldn’t even know!

Talk of the Tyne

Don’t just take our word for it listen to what our patients have to say about The CDC service.


Andy says crooked teeth made him reluctant to smile. He says treatment with Invisalign® from The CDC was life-changing.

Small Things
Make All the

Elena loved her smile, but a few small gaps and other minor niggles were letting the side down. The CDC achieved these stunning results with Invisalign® and whitening.


Jayne had a misaligned bite—which meant that any cosmetic dental work would always be prone to chipping and wear. Invisalign® from The CDC was the first step on Jayne’s journey to smile perfection.


Before & After

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After

The Invisalign® Journey

Every Invisalign® treatment starts with an initial consultation. Then, we’ll take digital scans and use innovative software to calculate the precise tooth movement. At this stage, we can show you an image of your future smile so you can decide whether Invisalign® is right for you.

Next, the lab will create your bespoke aligners. You will then wear your aligner for at least 22 hours each day. Every two weeks, we will replace your aligner. Although we don’t need to adjust your aligner, we will check your treatment progress from time to time.

It’s essential to maintain high standards of oral hygiene during your treatment. In addition to thorough brushing, you should also clean your aligner twice daily.

The exact duration of your treatment will vary depending on the amount each tooth must move. Once Invisalign® has worked its magic, you’ll need to wear a retainer to preserve the results.

We’re Five-Star Rated!

Read what patients say about five-star cosmetic and restorative dentistry from The CDC team.

Shauna Herd

What can I say, Nigel and the team at CDC Durham did a fantastic job and looked after me so well before, during and after my treatment. The team completely took the stress out of going to appointments and made the whole process so easy. The service I received was first-class and the results have ultimately increased my confidence in more ways than I could ever have imagined! Thank you!

Susan Murta

The whole experience from start to finish was fantastic. I fully trusted Mat he provided his expert opinion at all times and guided me through each appointment with excellent care and both made me feel at ease. Mat is not only confident professional and brilliant but made achieving the smile I had always wanted come true. I would highly recommend the Cosmetic Dental Clinic.

Carly Ellis

Can’t fault any part of the service and care I received from the Cosmetic Dental Clinic. After spending years being embarrassed about my teeth, I can’t believe how they look now. Can honestly say it has changed my life and how I feel. My only regret is that I didn’t get it done sooner!

Cheryl Miller

Recently completed my treatment of Invisalign and whitening and couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Nigel was fantastic throughout and always answered any questions/concerns really quickly. So happy with the whole process and glad I took the plunge!

Stephen Hall

Stop reading and book it in!!! From start to finish my experience is always great. I had a full Invisalign treatment with bonding and whitening and the results are amazing thanks to Nigel and the team. I can not recommend enough and have referred my partner and friend who have now started their journey and are so pleased. Thanks everyone 😃

Ashleigh Little

Thank you so much guys!! 5* luxury service & Affordable! Finance options available.!! Also both receptionists were absolutely lovely! Definitely a team effort!

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