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Gum Treatments

Gum Treatments

Caring for Your
Whole Smile

Your gums are the foundation of your smile. While we often focus on ensuring our teeth are bright, clean, and straight, gum health is just as important.

Gums create a tight seal around the roots of your teeth and the bones that support them, protecting them from bacteria and keeping them in place. Healthy gums provide balance to your smile. The perfect proportion of gum to tooth improves your smile’s appearance.

Just like your teeth, the soft tissue of your gums comes into contact with countless bacteria every day. Although entirely natural, some bacteria can harm your gums, leading to a raft of oral health problems.

The CDC is about more than your teeth, and we are on hand to help to diagnose and treat periodontal disease and deliver various smile-enhancing procedures.


Gum Disease

Like tooth decay, the cause of periodontal (gum) disease is plaque. Plaque comprises bacteria, saliva, and food debris and is a sticky film that coats your teeth and gums. If it’s not adequately cleaned regularly, it releases acid and calcifies to become tartar.

Plaque and tartar cause irritation to the gums, and the body’s natural response to this is inflammation and redness. Without intervention, these symptoms multiply.

Genetics, smoking, certain medications, and other health problems could increase the risk of gum disease.

Periodontal disease has two stages. Gingivitis is the milder form of gum disease; however, this can develop into more severe periodontitis.



Gingivitis is mild and reversible. If you have gingivitis, you may notice sore, red gums and bad breath. You may also see small blood spots when brushing your teeth.

You can manage these symptoms through improved oral health.


Left untreated, gingivitis will become periodontitis. You may experience receding gums, pus, loose teeth, and persistent bad breath at this stage. You may also notice a difference in the alignment of your bite. If caught early, we can treat periodontitis.


Treating Periodontal Disease

The method we use for treating periodontitis will vary depending on how far the disease has progressed.

Tartar forms in pockets below the gum line. The first option is to clean these pockets intensively. This treatment is more thorough than a scale and polish and is performed under an anaesthetic.


Periodontal Surgery – What to Expect

If the pockets of tartar are embedded too deep, we may need to perform a surgical procedure to get better access to the bacteria. Under anaesthetic, we’ll gently fold back your gum to remove the tartar pockets.

In some cases, we may need to smooth rougher areas of the underlying bone as bacteria can cling to this. Doing this improves the gum’s ability to reattach to the bone. Once completed, we’ll restore your gum to its original position.


Regenerative Gum Treatments

Regenerative gum treatment can promote regrowth if periodontitis has damaged tissue and bone. We’ll use bone grafts and tissue-stimulating proteins to encourage natural regeneration.


Crown Lengthening

If you have a gummy smile, we can perform a crown lengthening procedure to remove and reshape excess gum tissue. By changing your gum line, we can help expose your teeth, improving the balance of your smile.

We may also recommend this procedure if a tooth has decayed below your gum line.


Soft Tissue Grafts

Gum regression or shrinking can occur due to periodontal disease or aggressive brushing. Shrunken gums can leave your tooth roots exposed, putting them at risk.

After tackling the cause of the regression, we can perform a soft tissue graft to rebuild your gum. We’ll take healthy tissue from another part of your mouth to cover the exposed root.

Talk of the Tyne

Don’t just take our word for it listen to what our patients have to say about The CDC service.

All in a
Day’s Work

Colin’s sore gums and toothache were no match for The CDC team. He says CDC’s Darren Cannell is a fantastic dentist—and the most ethical professional ever!

Not me!

A botched crown made Christine self-conscious, so she turned to the Cosmetic Dental Clinic to set it right. Watch to the end to find out about Christine’s only regret about choosing The CDC!


You can hear the emotion in David’s voice when he describes the feeling of losing his smile. So, what was the magic behind his stunning transformation? Another day—another success story for The CDC.


We’re Five-Star Rated!

Read what patients say about five-star cosmetic and restorative dentistry from The CDC team.

Olivia Briggs

Overall, I’m extremely happy and would recommend the clinic and David to anyone looking to perfect their smile, (I’ve already had friends and family make appointments and meet with David to discuss treatment for themselves)!

Rhiannon Lily

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The absolute best! Beyond thankful to Nigel and Ellie they’ve been absolutely amazing throughout my Invisalign journey and unbelievably accommodating with my mental health struggles- Nigel explained every step of the way throughly, always putting my fears at ease and was always super patient too. It’s honestly changed my life 100% recommend!

Claire Stewart 

I’ve just finished my treatment after 13 months. I can’t recommend Gary O’Neil enough. He’s been brilliant throughout. He’s very patient, informative, friendly, instantly puts you at ease. Everything you need in a dentist. Im over the moon with my new smile, thank you Gary 👌😁⭐️

Shauna Herd

What can I say, Nigel and the team at CDC Durham did a fantastic job and looked after me so well before, during and after my treatment. The team completely took the stress out of going to appointments and made the whole process so easy. The service I received was first-class and the results have ultimately increased my confidence in more ways than I could ever have imagined! Thank you!

Callum Hodgson

Amazing service by Nigel and his team at Durham clinic, i had Invisalign, whitening and bonding and the entire experience was great. Communication throughout and were always there to help. Great finance options available totally recommend, finished my treatment now and cant stop smiling!

Angela Lusk 

I would highly recommend Nigel and the team at Durham. I had old veneers from 30 years ago and I always felt very conscious of my horrible teeth and didn’t like smiling. Now I have lovely new veneers and I love them. Thank you so much.

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