Amalgam Removal

The Cosmetic Dental Clinic is proud to be free of amalgam, and always seek to restore teeth to full function with tooth-coloured, safe, aesthetically pleasing materials.



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Amalgam is the mercury metal composite that has in the past been used to fill cavities, and has been used for centuries to provide fillings. With more modern composite alternatives allowing for a tooth-coloured filling that is strong and almost indistinguishable from your natural tooth, many people are wanting to get rid of their old fillings and replace them with new tooth coloured ones.

The Cosmetic Dental Clinic strives to ensure we help you achieve your ideal smile, and with this in mind we offer natural looking tooth coloured fillings.

Amalgam Removal / Tooth Coloured Fillings

Alongside never offering amalgam fillings, the Cosmetic Dental Clinic also offer an amalgam removal service, where we will safely take out old, unsightly amalgam fillings and replace them with new fillings that match the colour of your teeth and match the shape of your smile.

Our fillings use resin-composite materials that are strong, safe and effective, with comparable strength and longevity to silver amalgam fillings. As such, you can be assured that choosing to go amalgam free will leave you with strong, natural looking teeth.

A composite filling also bonds directly onto your teeth and sets immediately, so they require less drilling, are a quicker procedure to undertake and you are able to eat and drink normally as soon as you get out of the dentist’s chair.

We can keep your teeth protected with mouldable filling material, allowing us to shape it to match any missing dental structure, leaving you with no unsightly fillings and a smile to be proud of.

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